Udon noodle ! Menu and Five reasons you'd better eat Japanese udon soup!



Hello everyone!

Today, I'd like to introduce to you one of the most popular foods of Japan which called "UDON".

Who am I?
My name is Yasmin. I'm from Japan, and live in Hawaii where udon is very popular.

There are some udon restaurants in Hawaii, one that is really good is "Marukame udon" .
And if you have chance to visit Japan or some Asian countires, you might encounter udon in Japanese restaurants.

So, let's get into the fantastic world of udon with me!

First of all, you might think 'what's UDON?'

That's a good question!

I'd like to show five reasons to eat udon, which includes the answer of your questions.

Now here we go!!


Five reasons to eat udon


Udon noodle is made from wheat flour, and knead with water.
The thickness is usually around 5mm (1/5 inch), which I guess might be the biggest noodle you'd eaten before.

Mainly, the soup is made from bonito, kelp and soy sauce. They don't use any oil in the process of cooking, and that makes udon have less calories.

↓ Many of the shops make udon noodle freshly on site. Even American works at Marukame udon restaurant.

Traditional, soul food

It is said udon has been eaten over 1000 years.

Udon is one of the Japanese soul food like Soba noodle and Ramen noodle. Japanese eat those noodle daily or casually like they eat hamburgers and pizza in the USA.


Udon noodle is very reasonably priced!
Usually one bowl of udon is around 400 yen to 800 yen, which is around 4 to 8 U.S.dollars. The price of udon is like fast food but quality is much better!

↓ Many locos and tourists eat udon.

Varieties of menu

There are varieties of udon soup and sauce.
Light or dark color soup is made from tasty "dashi" (bonito and kelp). They even have udon noodle in curry soup.

Udon has also varieties of toppings like; tempura(deep fried batter), kitsune(fried tofu), niku(beef), sansai(mountain vegetable), and you can enjoy lots of combinations of taste with noodle.

Easy to order, fan to eat

To order udon is very easy. Just point at the picture menu or get in the line and pick what you want. Udon cooks very quickly and the wait is very short.
If you go to pick-up style udon restaurant, you'll find yourself happy to see many kinds of tempura and side dishes.


Now that you know little about udon, let's order in the real restaurant. On this situation, I'll show you the menu and how to order at the "Marukame udon" (same as "Marugame udon") restaurant in Waikiki, Hawaii.

How to order udon

Pick the kind

Pick up one udon from these basic style bowls.

Most popular udon noodle with hot soup.

Beef is added to kake udon. (Niku means meat).

↓ My recommendation
Less soup which is darker and stronger. You can choose the temperature of the noodles warm or cold.

Soft boiled and chilled egg is added to bukkake udon.

Beef and egg are added to bukkake udon.

Served noodle is in the hot water. Dip noodle in to dark sauce.


↓ This is curry-udon. Udon noodle is in curry soup.

And they even have teriyaki chicken or beef bowl with rice. (served downtown Fort street shop. not in Waikiki shop)

Pick up topping or sides

There is available, tempura deep fried menu if you like to add toppings.

↓ My reccomendation
Made of vegetables. Tastes very good!

Chikuwa is made from fish.

Croquette is made of mashed potato.

(Menu may vary, some restaurants don't have same menu.)

How to eat udon

You can eat any style, but if you get kakiage, this is my recommendation of how to eat with udon.

Put kakiage on the udon noodle. First enjoy crispiness itself.


Then, break and mix it with noodle and soup. Kakiage will turn soft and make udon tasty!

How was it?

I hope the article will help you on your quest for udon!

Just make sure when you eat udon, don't let the soup spill on your nice shirts!!


 - 暮らし